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Exeter Township- In-Person- Ruppert Group

Time: Dates: 1/3/2021 to 3/31/2021 Leader: Kate Ruppert and Mike Ruppert
This group meets in the Exeter area and seeks to enhance their application of the weekly message by discussing and more deeply seeking connection and application to their lives throughout the week.

Olson Online Young Adult Group

Time: Dates: 1/31/2021 to 4/4/2021 Leader: Chelsea Olson
We will be diving into content that will help us identify negative thoughts, hand them to Christ, and watch Him transform your thinking, and life. We are better when we are free from the thoughts that hold us back.

Prisks and Herberts- In-Person-Dessert and Discipleship

Time: Every 3 weeks: Saturdays at 6:30 PM Dates: 2/20/2021 to 5/29/2021 Location: Leader: Brian Prisk, Brian Herbert and Carlyn Prisk
Open to all in Berks area to join in fellowship and doing life together in this season of isolation. IN-PERSON to help facilitate gathering in Christian fellowship during these times of change.

Shillington In-person Message-based group with Cosgrove

Time: Sunday at 6:00 PM Dates: 1/10/2021 to 3/28/2021 Leader: Jon Cosgrove and Rhonda Cosgrove
This group will enjoy time sharing and discussing the weekend message and doing life together

Work as Worship (Men) - Online

Time: Wednesday at 7:00 PM Dates: 2/3/2021 to 3/10/2021 Leader: Bill Ward
Many Christians—from the CEO to the teacher to the stay-at-home mom—spend a great deal of time working and yet do not realize how their work intersects with their faith. They compartmentalize their faith to Sunday morning and see the rest of their week as having little to do with their walk with God. Scripture, however, makes no division between the sacred and secular parts of our lives. God gives us our work, talent and skills so that through them we might worship Him. This six-part Bible study resource will challenge all of us to consider the reason God calls us to work. It will cause you to consider why He may have you in your current position and encourage you to look beyond how your job makes you feel and see purpose and significance in your work.