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Conversation on Race

Time: Once at 10/21/2020 7:00 PM Leader: Brandon Lemois
What does the Bible teach about Racial Reconciliation? Why do we struggle talking about it? This event will be a one night online forum with large group teaching and breakout discussion.

Men's Frat - Fall 2020

Time: Tuesday at 7:00 PM Dates: 10/20/2020 to 11/24/2020 Leader: Jim Dever
Studying 33, The Man and His Fatherhood. Meeting in various homes and online.

Navigating Chronic Illness: Curt and Amy Good

Time: Wednesday at 6:30 PM Dates: 9/23/2020 to 11/11/2020 Leader: Curt Good and Amy Good
Studying the book Suffer Strong: How to Survive Anything by Redefining Everything, find hope and healing as you navigate the unique challenges of chronic illness.

She Studies

Time: Leader: Danielle Keperling
Meeting Online. Gather with other women to study and pray together as we navigate an ever changing culture.

Weekend Recap: Uncommon Ground

Time: Monday at 7:00 PM Dates: 10/5/2020 to 11/16/2020 Leader: Brandon Lemois
In a world that’s divided, it’s easier to pick a side than to fight for unity. But we have a higher calling- to choose honor in a world of division. Are you ready to stand on uncommon ground?

Young Adults - Uncommon Ground

Time: Wednesday at 7:45 PM
A unique young adult look at a world that’s divided. We’ll examine our higher calling- to choose honor in a world of division. This young adult group will examine all of this through the lens of the book of Revelation. The group will echo the weekend content of honoring each other and navigating uncommon ground.