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Be The Bridge

Time: Leader: Lauren Moore
Bridge building starts with you. Bridge-builders start with a foundation that includes understanding themselves, the issues, and others who are different from them. Leaders are learners. Watch our starter video and read through the resources below. This will help you get your bridge-building journey started. Building awareness starts with you!

Race Relation Conversation

Time: Once at 8/9/2020 7:00 PM Dates: 8/9/2020 to 8/9/2020 Leader: Eddie Adams
In this Group we will be starting an open, honest, safe conversation about racism in America. In this group time we will allow space for questions and reflection as we navigate how to talk about racism and challenge ourselves to look at others the way Jesus sees all of us.

White Awake by Daniel Hill Book Discusson

Time: Weekly: Tuesdays at 6:30 PM Dates: 7/14/2020 to 9/15/2020 Leader: Marcy Weik
Whether you are just starting to educate yourself on racial justice or you’ve been studying it for years, join us as we study cultural identity, racial diversity, and how we can better represent Jesus in a country that is currently facing racial division. This Group will be conversation-led as we work through the book "White Awake: An Honest Look At What It Means to Be White" by Daniel Hill, which works to answer the question, “How do we handle the fact of white supremacy and deal with the givens of white privilege?” Grab a copy of the book from your favorite retailer, read chapter 1 and join us on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm.