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Life of Moses- The Journey of Every Man


Look at the extraordinary life of Moses – his life in Egypt, his part in a murder, his retreat to the desert and God’s call for him return to the scene of the crime and demand the release of the Jews. In each step of his life, Moses had to face identity crises that we all face: Who am I? What does God really want from me? What am I chasing and what am I running from? Just like every man, Moses had a lot to figure out – join us for eight weeks of figuring it out together starting on Thursday September 29th at 7pm in the West Wing auditorium and continuing until Thursday November 17th brought to you by Manheim Men's Frat.

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Meeting Dates -
Meeting Time & Frequency Thursday at 7:00 PM
Meeting Location On-site
Childcare No
Gender Male
Group Leader(s) Dean Hershey

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